Add product data to the order export

If you want to add some product data into the export (for example, color, size...), you can do it using a  filter.

First, you have to identify the keys you of the fields you want to export : in the back-end, when you are to the Quick Export panel, in the “help” tab top right, there is a Quick export tab with the all the post meta you can use.

Then, you have to put a piece of code into your functions.php theme file : 

function custom_product_meta($array)
	$array[] = '_length';
	$array[] = '_width';
	$array[] = '_height';
	//etc. One line by key you want to add

	return $array;
add_filter('wqep_included_order_product_keys_filter', 'custom_product_meta');

In this example, we will add the data "_length", "_width", and "_height".

You can change those keys by those you want to export. If you have more, juste add some other lines : $array[] = 'my_other_key';