Remove some fields from the export

You can remove some data from the export, by adding a small piece of code into your functions.php theme file.

To remove order data

function my_custom_csv($keys)
	//you have to place that way the different keys you want to remove
	$keys = array_diff($keys, array(
		'billing_last_name' //, etc

	return $keys;
add_filter( 'wqep_included_order_keys_filter', 'my_custom_csv' );

Here are the keys you can remove that way : 

general: 'id', 'status', 'order_date', 

billing infos:  'billing_first_name', 'billing_last_name',  'billing_company', 'billing_address_1', 'billing_address_2','billing_city',   'billing_postcode', 'billing_country', 'billing_state', 'billing_email',  'billing_phone'

shipping infos:  'shipping_first_name', 'shipping_last_name',  'shipping_company', 'shipping_address_1', 'shipping_address_2',  'shipping_city', 'shipping_postcode', 'shipping_state', 'shipping_country', 

note:  'customer_note', 

payment, shipping and total: 'shipping_method_title', 'payment_method_title', 'order_discount',  'cart_discount', 'order_tax', 'order_shipping', 'order_shipping_tax',  'order_total', 'order_tax_detail', 'completed_date'

others:  'number_of_different_items', 'total_number_of_items', 'used_coupons', 'coupon_name', 'coupon_discount'.

To remove product data

Default exported keys are: 'sku', 'name', 'quantity', 'line_price_without_taxes', 'line_price_with_taxes'.

add_filter('wqep_included_order_default_product_keys_filter',  'remove_product_from_csv');

function remove_product_from_csv($keys)
	//to remove totally the product data :
	return array();

	//to keep only sku and quantity
	return array('sku', 'quantity');