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A) About - top

Simple Exit Modal for WooCommerce is a nice plugin that will help you increase your sales in WooCommerce. With the plugin, you will be able to configure a modal popup that shows up when your visitors attempt to leave your website. The modal is made of a simple form asking for just an email. This is how you are going to send a coupon code to your visitor and convince them to make their first purchase on your online store. Every text is configurable and translatable.

B) Installation - top

Simple Exit Modal for WooCommerce requires WordPress 4.0+ and WooCommerce 2.5+

Just like every plugins, just copy the simple-exit-modal-for-woocommerce folder in your wp-content/plugins folder then activate it through WordPress dashboard. The plugin is only accessible for Admin's

If the installation went OK, you can now access the plugin Dashboard from the WooCommerce > Settings Menu, Then go to the integration tab tab.

C) Settings - top

There is not a lot of settings in Simple Exit Modal for WooCommerce and default settings could be used in almost every situation. Of course feel free to adjust them if needed.

Enable modal

This will display the modal popup on visitor exit attempt. (Once per session).

Enable debug mode

This will display the modal popup on every page. (For admin only). Check both checkboxes for testing. Uncheck this one to go live !

Show modal box only on WooCommerce pages

This will display the modal popup only on WooCommerce pages except account and thank your page. Product, product archive, product category, product tag, cart and checkout ). No effect in debug mode.

Hide modal box for connected users.

If checked, only non-logged in visitors will see the modal popup. Can be used in addition with the previous settings. No effect in debug mode.

Modal Width in pixels

600px is considered as a pretty good value.

Modal Height in pixels

400px is considered as a pretty good value.

Modal title

The top part of the modal. Consider a punchy title. Will be displayed in uppercase text.

Modal title background color

The title (header) background color

Modal content

This will be the content part of the modal. Be catchy and nice. This is where you should propose a small discount. (ie 5%)

Modal background color

The main background color

Modal email input content

The email input field placeholder. Something like, "Your email address" will be just fine.

Modal call to action button label

Something catchy !

Modal call to action button background color

Something flashy !

Includes Open Sans from Google Font

Open Sans is a nice font family used by the plugin to display the modal title, content and button. You should include it but maybe it is already available in your theme. In this case, just uncheck :)

Modal content dismiss text

A small text in the footer, like "No Thanks".

Email subject

This will be the email subject when a user filled the form. Something like "Your exclusive offer"

Email content

This is where you will explain your "exclusive offer" to your visitor. You need to give him your coupon code and the details of it. Like minimum amount etc... Be concise and precise.

Email sent store notice content

This will the text displayed to the user after email has been sent. Just a thank you will be fine. You could also display your coupon code right now but there is a risk the email is not real

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